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Steel Devices

'Pretzel' Set

'Pretzel' Set

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No other position exposes the vagina like this one. Your sub had better prepare for some long forced orgasm scenes!🔥

And with a setup made of all metal, your sub will feel more vulnerable than they ever have.

We know you'll love it. And we also know this isn't a beginner's toy. That's why we have instructional videos and email support.

Plus, we always throw in a ratchet- we believe it will make setup and teardown much quicker.


Why We Do What We Do

Here at Steel Devices, we know there's a feeling when you trade your sneakers for steel-toed work boots, or move from flimsy C clamps to a forged steel bench vise.

It's the feeling of quality, professional grade equipment. That's what we provide.

Our products are not for the casual BDSM enjoyer or the faint of heart.

They'll keep your partner's entire body exactly where it is. There's no give; no mercy.

Steel bondage is for experienced practitioners prepared to enact complete dominion over their partner.

Ultimately, it's a tool. And for those who know how to use it, this tool will be your most tenacious.

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  • (12) 8" Pipes
  • (4) 28" Pipes
  • (3) 36" Pipes
  • (4) Flanges
  • (22) Crossover fittings
  • (1) Allen Wrench with Ratchet

Additional Equipment You Supply (optional):

Pegboard (which can be found at Lowe's or other hardware stores) is helpful if you can't drill the flanges into the ground. We'd have to charge a lot to ship this. We hope you understand.

Also, Bolts (1/4" wide, like these) will need to be used to connect the flanges to the pegboard.


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