Experience the Ultimate Restriction

Rope and leather are great, but steel bondage gives a completely different experience. It's absolute, unforgiving, and quickly brings out the carnal dynamic between you and your partner.



Ultimate Restriction

Rope has it's limitations. If you have a 3 foot rope between your sub's wrist and an anchor point, his/her wrist can get closer to the anchor point, or move anywhere within 3 ft. of that anchor point.

With steel bondage, however, every point of your sub's body will be restrained to a single point in 3 dimensions. It's like bending a pipe cleaner exactly where you want it. Having your body frozen in a 3D contraption is a surreal experience.


The designs of the sets were done with various body types considered. The ability to move bars based on different waist heights, torso lengths, arm lengths, etc. for both men and women are in each design.

See the instructional videos for more information.

Scene Length and Safety

We see many beginners (and professional) creating setups that ensure a short scene. These are things like putting weight on the sub's neck, putting ankles far away from each other while kneeling which causes internal femoral torsion, etc.

It's been an objective of ours to incorporate these safety/ comfort concerns into our designs and we know you and your sub will appreciate them.

Helpful Instruction & Support

We include what you'll need to get started, including tools. You'll have to buy the pegboard, if you choose to use that, but everything else is included.

We've also shot instructional videos for you because we want to make it as easy as possible for you.